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Poster competition abstracts

At our autumn meeting on the 25th October 2019, we welcomed presenters describing interesting or unusual case reports or research projects, to allow more people an opportunity to share experiences with colleagues.

The 7 posters presented during the day are reproduced below. Delegates on the day cast their votes to select the winning entries.

SAMSoc Meeting

How lifetime exposure to endogenous gonadal hormones affects the age at which canine osteosarcoma is diagnosed

Dr Elizabeth Kaladeen

First prize. The aim of this study is to investigate the relationship between duration of exposure to endogenous gonadal hormones and the age at which osteosarcoma is diagnosed.

SAMSoc Meeting

Antibiotic therapy in dogs and cats in general practice in the UK prior to referral

Raquel del Solar Bravo

Second prize. Antimicrobial resistance results in treatment failures in both human and veterinary medicine. Responsible antibiotic use should minimise antibiotic resistance. The aim of this study was to assess antibiotic prescription by general practices in the UK prior to referral. The clinical records of dogs and cats referred to the internal medicine department of a referral hospital between the 1/03/2018 and the 28/02/19 were reviewed to determine whether the Protect / ProtectMe guidelines were followed.

SAMSoc Meeting

Urinary microvesicles in cats with chronic kidney disease and systemic hypertension

Daniel Low

Third prize.Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a common morbidity and a leading cause of mortality in domestic cats, affecting 3.6% of the UK cat population1. CKD is a diverse syndrome with various causes, but they all converge on a final common pathway – tubulointerstitial nephritis and fibrosis.

SAMSoc Meeting

Ascites for sore eyes

Akash Alexander

Case presentation:

2-year-old female neutered domestic short hair cat with a 2 week history of lethargy, inappetence and recent moderate weight loss. Physical examination findings:
- Abdominal distention with a palpable fluid thrill. - Body condition score 3/9.
- Rectal temperature of 38.9°C.
- Peripheral lymph nodes within normal limits.
- Thoracic and cardiac auscultation was unremarkable.

SAMSoc Meeting

Clinicopathological features of inflammatory nasal and nasopharyngeal masses in three senior cats

Claudia Gil-Morales

To describe the clinical presentation, computed tomography (CT) and histopathology findings, treatment, and outcome of three cats with inflammatory nasal or nasopharyngeal masses.

SAMSoc Meeting

Investigating the endothelial glycocalyx in health and disease in dogs

Sara Hillyer

Firstly to perfuse and fix canine arterial samples with Alcian blue to enable pioneering GCX visualisation using electron microscopy. Secondly, to use a commercially available canine ELISA to quantify hyaluronan in dogs with MVD and hypercoagulability and compare to a normal healthy population.

SAMSoc Meeting

Percutaneous-rendezvous approach to biliary stent placement

Megan Work

EHBO can occur in dogs as a result of either intraluminal or extraluminal causes. Biliary obstruction results in bile retention and thus hyperbilirubinaemia. Restoration of bile drainage is essential in the treatment of EHBO, and interventional radiology is a developing technique when approaching these cases.