Case report competitions

Thank you to those who submitted a Case report for Spring 2019 selection. Congratulations to Dan Thompson and Jess Bacon who were invited to present at the pre-BSAVA meeting on 3rd April.

The next Case report competition will take place in the autumn.

Past winners

Spring 2019

Jess Bacon

Mycobacteriosis in an Indoor Cat Household

Dan Thompson

Successfully treated Yersinia Pseudotuberculosis hepatitis in a cat presenting with neurological abnormalities

Dan is a final year resident at Cambridge and entered the competition as he felt it was an interesting case. The case included a 2 year follow up, and the cat remains fit and well!


Winter 2018

Stephanie Phillips

Gall bladder agenesis and primary vitamin D metabolism disorder in an 8 month old French Bulldog

I'm a 2016 RVC graduate currently at Willows doing the small animal rotating internship. I saw this case in practice and later referred her to Willows. I thought she was a really interesting little dog and the work up was very rewarding from what started as client driven pre-anaesthetic blood testing.

Harry Swales

Hypovitaminosis A, E, and D alongside hypocobalaminaemia in a chronically malnourished British shorthair cat

I decided to submit the case as I thought the multiple nutritional deficiencies were interesting, especially as raw-feeding/boutique diets are increasingly more popular! The cat is doing very well one-and-a-half years after diagnosis and continues to eat a complete commercial diet.

Spring 2018

Myles Mckenna

A case of suspected dog-to-dog transmission of leishmaniasis in the UK

Myles is a resident in small animal internal medicine at the Royal Veterinary College with an interest in infectious diseases.

This case report was subsequently accepted by the Veterinary Record for publication in December 2018 -  Click here to view the article.

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