SAMSoc Autumn conference 2021

Wednesday 3rd November

Veterinary surgeons were invited to attend the SAMSoc Autumn 2021 meeting on Wednesday, 3rd November. 

Speakers & topics

  • 08:30


    Dr Andrew Kent
  • 08:35

    An update on Brucellosis

    Dr Emi Barker
  • 09:15

    Brucella canis – first-opinion vet perspective

    Dr Rebecca Brown
  • 10.00


    Dr Emi Barker & Dr Rebecca Brown
  • 10.15

    SOS UTI - update on project progress & opportunity to participate

    Dr Fergus Allerton
  • 10.30

    Message from BOVA

    Emma Jones
  • 10.35

    Coffee break

  • 10:50

    Imposter Syndrome

    Dr Katie Ford
  • 11:50

    SAMSoc Poster Competition

    Hosted by Chris Scudder
  • 12.40

    Zoetis - intro to Solensia for feline pain management

    Edwina Gildea
  • 12.45

    SAMSoc research opportunities 2022 and opportunity for discussion with project organisers & Committee members

  • 13.00


  • 13:45

    Update on feline pancytopenia investigation

    Dr Barbara Glanemann & Dr Karen Humm
  • 14.30

    SAMSoc phlebitis project

    Chris Scudder & Vicky Maund
  • 14.45

    Chronic pain in medicine cases

    Dr Matt Gurney
  • 15.40

    Poster Competition results

    Dr Hillary Noyes
  • 15.45

    Message from Hill's Pet Nutrition

    Dr Hillary Noyes
  • 15.50


  • 16:00

    Updates on treatment and classification of Myasthenia Gravis in dogs and cats

    Dr Mark Lowrie
  • 17:00

    Bartonellosis: Update on an emerging infectious disease

    Prof Breitschwerdt
  • 18.00

    Closing remarks from SAMSoc Chairperson

    Dr Fergus Allerton

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SAMSoc would like to thank our sponsors, Hill's, Zoetis and BOVA, for supporting this event.

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