SAMSoc members work in first-opinion and referral practices as well as in academia. SAMSoc is therefore a platform to reach potential project collaborators. SAMSoc encourages the promotion of projects for members (e.g. questionnaire-based studies) and the generation of new projects in first-opinion practice.

Details of current projects are listed below.


Shar Pei Fever

A retrospective study looking at the clinical presentation, frequency and management approaches for Shar Pei fever in the United Kingdom. This study will use an electronic data capture platform (Castor) to facilitate data collection. Completion of data entry should only take 10 minutes and will hopefully demonstrate to owners that we are actively investigating an unusual condition affecting this breed.


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Cases & Criteria

Shar Pei Fever is a condition of Shar Pei dogs which is characterised by recurrent episodes of lethargy, high temperature, and sometimes swelling of joints and joint pain. These episodes are not associated with an infectious cause, and typically resolve in a matter of days. The condition is thought to be inherited, and can predispose affected dogs to life-limiting kidney disease. We are investigating ways to further our understanding of this condition, including how it affects dogs and how it is being treated. With an improved understanding of the disease, we hope to be able to better help Shar Pei dogs and their owners in the future.
With this in mind, we invite owners of Shar Pei dogs born after 2004 to participate in a research project with researchers at Willows Veterinary Centre and Referral Service and the Small Animal Medicine Society (SAMsoc).

Vets are invited to complete a form which should take no more than 10 minutes.

Project Leaders

Fergus Allerton



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SAMSoc members all have an interest in internal medicine in common and many are actively involved with clinical research. Posting your project on the SAMSoc website is a great way to increase awareness  encourage participation. If you would like your project to be listed on the website, please contact us today, click the button below to submit details.

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